Mama Used to Say: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: A Legacy of Words Worth Preserving from One Generation to Another

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After you lose your mother, you cling to what’s left, the memories and her sayings, those which automatically come out of your mouth when your own children need the same advice or admonition. Dr. Joyce Digby Nelson has compiled her mama’s baffling, funny, and cut-to-the-chase axioms and idioms into a treasured keepsake from her family to yours. Enjoy hearing her mama’s inspirational words and sage wisdom as you remember the sayings your mother and grandmother used to throw your way. You can’t argue with the classics, because good advice is timeless, such as, “Whatever you do in life, make sure you are doing more kicking asses than kissing them.”


About Joyce Digby Nelson, Ed.D.

When Dr. Joyce Digby Nelson found her mama’s words coming out of her mouth, she decided she needed to start writing them down to preserve their sage advice, their humor, and their ability to boil down what needed to be said, like it or not, in Mama Used to Say.



Can you imagine what you would do without your mother? For years as I was growing up, I couldn’t imagine my mother not living forever. I couldn’t imagine my mother not waiting outside the delivery room when I gave birth to my first child. Well, on March 23, 1998, my hopes of seeing my mother growing old and her watching my future children vanished. I suddenly had to deal with moving forward in life without my mother. She had become my best friend, and yet she suddenly had slipped away. That’s when the sayings, idioms, axioms and cliché’s became so dear to me. I knew then that a mother has the ability to create more than what is present and even more than what is imagined.


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