Excerpts from Page 48

Mama Used to Say: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: A Legacy of Words Worth Preserving from One Generation to Another by Joyce Digby Nelson, Ed.D.

Excerpts from Page 48:

There Are Four Types of People in the World,
Movers and Shakers and Then Those That Need
to Be Moved and Shaken
Mama wanted her children to be movers and shakers. She
worked hard so we could enjoy some things she could not, but
it came as a sacrifice of her not continuing her education so she
could help support us. Mama wanted us to go to school, get
good grades, go to college, and ask for what we wanted because
in the end we will have earned it.

What Has Happened in Your Past Is Not As
Important As What Is in Store for Your Future
Mama knew as we grew older we would make some mistakes,
but she always reminded us not to focus on the past and to stop
looking back so you could see what was in front of you.

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